Cutter & Grinder Machine

  • Thin section capability: The machine is capable of producing thin sections, approaching to desired thickness before polishing. Allows cutting and grinding procesess.
  • Interchangeable cutting disks and grinding cups: This feature allows users to easily switch between cutting and grinding tasks, offering versatility and convenience.

  • Micrometer-controlled rocker arm: The machine features a micrometer-controlled rocker arm that provides a smooth and precise advancement during the cutting and grinding processes. This contributes to the overall reliability and accuracy of the machine‚Äôs operations.
  • Vacuum system: The machine uses a vacuum system to hold the sample in place during the cutting and grinding processes. The temperature and pressure control protects the vacuum pump from overheating, allowing hours of continuous work.

  • Water system with recirculation cycle: The machine incorporates a water system that helps maintain an appropriate temperature during cutting and grinding operations. Additionally, it has a recirculation cycle that separates the resulting sediments.
  • Sturdiness: Resistant components, easy to disassemble for a complete deep cleaning.

Final Polishing

  • Capacity: allows final polishing with powder abrasives to obtain the final thickness of the thin section sample.
  • Quick coupling of polishing discs.
  • Alloy and tempered glass polishing discs.

  • Variable polishing speed.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.

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