Geophysics survey

Solutions to understand the different types of terrain and changes in subsoil conditions, providing valuable information on the rigidity of the underground profile, the variation of stratification and the recognition of the rock basement.

Seismic survey

  • Seismic refraction
  • Downhole
  • REMI
  • MASW
  • Methods for subsurface stratification identification utilizing the analysis of velocity and direction of seismic waves. Specifically designed to discern lithological composition, rigidity characteristics, as well as the distribution and depth of geological strata. This innovative approach involves the precise measurement and interpretation of seismic wave parameters, offering valuable insights into the subsurface structure. Its applications extend to diverse fields, including geoscience, civil engineering, and resource exploration, providing a comprehensive understanding of the subsurface environment

Geoelectric survey

  • Geoelectric resistivity
  • REMI
  • Natural electric field
  • Methods for the identification of subsurface stratification through the analysis of electrical resistivity of rock layers and bodies. This innovative approach emphasizes the differences in electrical resistivity that characterize each type of rock, providing valuable information on the characteristics of each lithology and depth. Its applications include, among others, geoscience, civil engineering and groundwater exploration.
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